Chocolate Covered Cherry Shake

Perfectly delicious for dessert…or breakfast, lunch or snack, and it’s loaded with antioxidants to keep it totally nutrient dense.
…and you can sneak greens into it and no one will ever know! Seriously.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie

2 cups frozen cherries, pitted*
3 scoops of chocolate protein powder**
1 cup almond milk, vanilla unsweetened
1/2-1 Tbsp flax oil
2 Tbsp flax seed, ground
1 tray ice cues
~2 cups chopped greens (beet greens, chard or spinach)

Blend all ingredients except for ice in high-powered blender until mostly smooth. Add ice and blend until thick like a milkshake. Serve immediately.

Makes ~4 cups.

*you may want to check cherries for missed pits before blending

**I used UltraLean, a xylitol sweetened, whey powder with added vitamins and minerals. Its extra chocolatey formula makes this like a chocolate milkshake. Use any variety you like or contact us for ordering details.


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