4 Steps to Instant and Delicious Salads and Dressings

Instant Delicious Salad and Dressing Ideas – in 4 easy steps

Instant Delicious Salad Dressing Ideas

Dressings make a salad! But who always has time to make dressing? Most of them use ingredients you can’t pronounce and don’t want in your body. Salad dressings typically contain lots of preservatives, sugars, and poor quality, less-than-healthy oils. Whether it’s sweet or savory you prefer, here are 4 steps for practically instant salad and dressing ideas, to make your greens delicious and something you look forward to!

Salad Ingredients

1- Gather and prep salad

  • greens – spinach, romaine, green or red leaf, butter crunch, and/or cabbage (pre-washed greens make this instant!)
  • veg toppings: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli/cauliflower,
  • fruit toppings: berries, pomegranate, apples, citrus
  • protein: nuts, beans, lean meat or fish, organic cheese
  • herbs and flavors: garlic, basil, oregano, sea salt, pepper or pepper flakes (honey or fruit juice if you like your dressing a touch sweeter)


2- Find your favorite pairings of olive oil and vinegar

3- Splash onto salad (I prefer to serve dressing on the side to prevent soggy salads. Shake or pour on desired amounts of oil and vinegar on each salad. Or, in a small bowl or shaker jar, make a larger quantity.)

4- Toss and enjoy

Pairing — Salad Dressing Ideas

The right combination makes flavors pop. Be creative. You just might be amazed at what works and is delicious! Here are some ideas to get you started from a few of my favorite places:

Queen Creek Olive Mill – Queen Creek, AZ

  • Rosemary olive oil and cranberry white balsamic
  • Meyer lemon olive oil and pomegranate white balsamic
  • Basil olive oil and strawberry white balsamic
  • Garlic olive oil and balsamic
  • Blood orange olive oil and prickly pear balsamic
  • Chili olive oil and peach white balsamic
  • Lime olive oil and white balsamic

Eighteenninety grille and marketplace – Granbury, TX: house favorite – lime olive oil and cranberry pear white balsamic

The Olive Tap’s – Perfect Pairings – extensive list


What’s the best ratio? It depends on your taste buds, but start with about 2-3 parts oil : 1 part vinegar


Here’s a quick, elegant and festive Pomegranate Salad and dressing idea to get you started:
Mixed greens (spinach and red romaine), pomegranate arils, onions, pecans, feta (sub avocado for dairy free)

pomegranate salad and dressing ideas


OR try this Beets and Greens Salad to play with different oil and vinegar combos.


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Perfect for everyday, holidays and parties, and gift ideas.



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