How to Make Healthy Daily, Do-able and Delicious – Part 1

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Part 1 of 3 eBook-series, sets the essential nutrition foundation, used in my actual coaching sessions and classes. Developed from my own personal journey and professional experiences, it’s now available for you in colorful, self-study module to complete at your convenience.

Part 1 – Daily Makeover: walks you through the basics of what your body needs for optimal functioning, focusing on clean, nutrient-dense choices


Streamlined, easy-to-read-format so you can get well on your way to:
-feeling energized
-boosting your immune system
-re-nourishing your body
-helping you drop weight & heal
-loving your clearer, healthier skin
-and more!

Empowering you with:
-meal & snack ideas
-shopping lists
-variety of delicious, filling recipes
-transformation tips
-motivational keys


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