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Welcome to the most exciting journey of your life…and a wealth of timeless secrets for health and abundance!

The following gems have been some of my favorites, taking me deeper into encountering Love, Peace, and Joy and bringing real transformation, hope, healing and restoration!

Letters from Heaven – will set the foundation as you walk this journey, transforming your thinking, establishing your true identity, bringing comfort, hope, healing and life.

Divine Romance – Eternal Love – get a free copy herePoetry on Fire

It’s Supernatural! – shares real-life stories of the supernatural life you were meant to live along with short, practical mentoring videos, podcasts, and readings.

Warrior Notes – equips you to finding and fulfilling your destiny through the experiences of a man who visited heaven during a dental procedure and was sent back transformed from an encounter with Love, Himself.

Graham Cooke – creatively and expertly helps you think brilliantly and outside the box, aligning with your true identity, bringing transformation, breakthrough and momentum (in articles or by videos).