About Nutritionist

The glimmer of Innocent Indulgence began with a little girl in footie pajamas making muffins, who had to stand on a chair just to reach the counter. Over the years, owner and chef Alisha Chasey’s love of chocolate, sweets and baking took her from 4-H, winning Best of Class and First Place for her desserts (in 2 states), to a blossoming interest in health. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nutrition from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University, and holds credentials as a registered dietitian, certified nutrition specialist, and associate raw foods chef. Her professional clinical experience with dialysis and a comprehensive cancer-care clinic, her food production experience as creator of Innocent Indulgence’s dessert line, along with her own persistent health issues (chronic fatigue, food allergies, indigestion, and cystic acne) taught her the real-life impact of nutrition and lifestyle on peoples’ short and long term health. On her own journey, she explored traditional, alternative, and complementary medicine, and also experimented with every kind of “free” diet, vegan and raw foods, juicing, cleansing, supplements and more. She soon discovered that true health and wholeness come from making choices on every level—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

She still loves including dessert to promote the yummy-ness of balanced, plant-focused eating. Nutrition and great taste fit in perfect harmony with her rich, creamy cheesecakes and moist, chewy cookies made from whole-food ingredients that nourish the body (all free of wheat, dairy, soy, egg and refined sugar.) Innocent Indulgence desserts once shipped nationwide, and available at Arizona’s Whole Foods Markets and local restaurants are selectively becoming available in recipe form, starting with Taste of Radiant Living (book release Fall 2017.)

Alisha is passionate about helping you nourish your dreams to life. She loves sharing with others the wellness and healing nutrition and lifestyle secrets she’s learned in one-on-one and group sessions, so they can make healthy doable and delicious and experience radiant living, to live out their destinies, and to love their lives.

Alisha now enjoys clear skin, lots of energy and eating balanced, clean, and food-allergy free. She loves being outdoors, dabbling with watercolors, snapping flower photos, sipping coffee (and tea), and spending time with family and friends.