It’s all about custom fit and creativity! It has to fit you, so choose the coaching session(s) that best fits your goals and needs!

Here’s how it works:

1- Pick that option that fits you
2- Click the session title/link below and submit the pop-up contact form OR add and process Package through shopping cart. You’ll receive an email to schedule the session(s).
3- Complete and return the Nutrition Questionnaire, the HIPAA Communication Authorization and the Receipt of Privacy Practices (or bring them to your session)
4- If self-paced fits you best, select and purchase the eBook package. We’ll contact you to set up the session.


Lifestyle Package

3 sessions allow us to assess where you are, what you’ve tried, what works and what doesn’t, your lifestyle and health history, so we can establish you with a good foundation of knowledge, make a plan to fit your goals, needs and lifestyle. From there, we can tweak the plan, develop it with more detail, provide accountability, and supply you with additional education, information, tips and tools, whatever you might need.

Couples Lifestyle Package

It’s always easier when you’re doing things together! So we combine the 1st and final sessions to fit both of you, then give each of you a session in the middle so we can individualize the plans to fit each of your specific needs. Gives you a total of 4 sessions, the support of each other, professional accountability and a package deal.


Single Session

Need help with just a few tweaks? Have some questions for your personal plan?

Want to test the waters to see how to deep to dive in?

We’ll keep it short and to the point….yet packed with information and tips you need.



Get set with the basics, by walking yourself through the tips and tools I use every day with clients, working at your own pace.

Combine it with a concise 20 minute consult, to get answers to your questions.


Group Class

Gather a small group, some friends, staff or co-workers and we’ll turn it into some fun — lunch, “tea,” coffee. Contact us for details.