“Best phone call I ever made! I can’t believe in just 4 weeks of following Alisha’s recommendations, I felt lighter and realized I was able to work out pain free. She made everything very simple and the accountability was so helpful. I feel confident I’m on track for the results I’m looking for.” BE, age 50

“Incredible! Great taste and healthy stuff too. I work with autistic and other gluten free patients and the choices for healthy sweets for them is very limited.  This is a great resource for gluten free and sugar free nutrition. The owner, Alisha Chasey, is a certified nutritionist and I have had her on my radio show as a nutrition expert.” −CS”

Alisha is a doll, and creates the most amazing vegan, gluten-free treats!
The peanut butter bars are incredibly decadent, and the brownies are among the best I’ve ever had. They’re fudgy and not the least bit cakey – my ideal brownie. Oh, and the cocoa nib squares are like biting into a big hunk of raw cookie dough, which I do miss!
But the cheesecake! I have not had one better. And all the ingredients are natural and actually healthy. Yes, they are high in fat, but fat is an essential nutrient. You’re going to get just as much fat eating a “normal” dessert, so why not make it healthy, natural fats from nuts?”  −FH

“I would highly recommend her services for anybody with allergies or even anyone who doesn’t have allergies. They are just that good!” −MD